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10 Items You Need to Know

10 items you need to know before you hire a Managed Service Provider:

  1. MSP providers provide various services with an all-inclusive approach.  These services should be explained in terms you understand and the cost as a fixed monthly rate.
  2. The benefits of managed services to your business should be explained to you.  Keywords to listen for are proactive, less downtime, fast response, flat fee.
  3. Ask to speak with current clients with businesses similar to yours.  The clients should be local and have been in a contract with them for at least a year.
  4. Ask a current client to provide specific incidents and how they were managed.
  5. Ask a current client about the MSPs availability, serviceability, performance and operation.  Afterall, they would know best. 
  6. Ask what is included in the managed service plan.  Make sure that support is included as well.
  7. Ask if they apply the best processes and tools.  This will make sure the latest technology and advancements are being provided to you.
  8. Ask what type of management capabilities they routinely offer.  Make sure assessments of hardware is included.
  9. Ask how they support existing or acquired IT/networking infrastructure.  It should all be covered under same plan.
  10. Ask how they price and deliver professional services that are beyond the scope of the managed service.  These items should be discussed with you first and the prices they charge should be fair market value.

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