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A Message from Ron Jones,    Pre-Tech's IT Expert...

Pre-Tech values your time.  We know how each minute of your day can make a positive impact on the wealth of your business.  We feel the same way.  This is why we offer 30 minute IT consultations that guarantee to offer you professional advice and helpful assessments. 
During the 30 minute consultation, I will review with you the best and most effective ways to improve your IT support.  I am not a sales person and our meeting is not a sales meeting.  I am the "tech" guy and I promise that you will walk away from our meeting with valuable information. 
Pre-Tech offers these educational meetings with me at no cost to you and with absolutely no obligation to use our services in the future.  There is no catch with Pre-Tech.  The reason we offer these meetings is because we want to further improve your IT situation by helping you to better understand your current IT situation.  We have found the best way to do this is to sit down with you and discuss your options. 
I will admit that some businesses that I meet with decide not to go with Pre-Tech right away.  However, every one of them has told me that they are thankful for the 30 minutes we spent together and a good portion of them return to us when they find their current IT provider is not providing the results that Pre-Tech can.   
Thank you for your time and I look forwarding to the opportunity of meeting with you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Professional, dependable, trustworthy. Always do such a great job and I am so glad I know where to call when I have a problem.

    Roseann, Berley Security Systems

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