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CIO or Virtual CIO?

Date: September 12, 2011

CIO or Virtual CIO?

When it comes to managing your IT support, you need a qualified, reliable professional to control it all so that you can focus on your business.  As a business owner, you have two choices when it comes to filling this role: 

  1. You can hire a Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO) as an internal employee
  2. You can hire a Virtual Chief Information Technology Officer(Virtual CIO) through a Managed Service Provider(MSP)

Hiring an internal employee to handle IT support is not a bad decision if you have extra money to spend on training and health care benefits.   But can your company afford to be offline or have downtime when your CIO is on vacation or calls out sick? 

By hiring a Virtual CIO you are hiring a CIO that is readily available and monitoring your systems 24/7.  A Virtual CIO provides unlimited IT support, monthly meetings and your own private help desk.

So, a Virtual CIO must cost more…right?  Nope!  You pay an affordable fixed rate each month. 

By choosing to hire a Virtual CIO with a fixed, monthly rate instead of a CIO with an annual salary, you will recognize a significant savings.   That savings is money that you can start putting toward the growth of your business rather than the maintenance. 

Call Pre-Tech today to see just how much money we can help you save while increasing your business’ productivity at the same time.