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You know it is time to upgrade when...

Date: October 11, 2011

What is taking so long?    Hurry up!    Not again

Sound familiar?  When your computer starts to fail, sometimes there are warning signs…but not always.  Here is a list of symptoms you can look for:

  • How is your computer’s performance?
  • Does it become “frozen” frequently?
  • Do you have frequent errors?
  •  How old is your computer?
  • If your computer is 4+ years old, it is time to consider upgrading
  •  What operating system are you using?
  • The latest version for pc’s is Microsoft 7.  Anything else will not be efficient.  In fact, Windows XP is due to be phased-out soon.
  •  How old is your hard drive? 
  • An older hard drive is at risk for losing data…forever!  Make sure you are constantly backing up your files.  If you feel that your hard drive is getting up there in years, watch out for the following: disappearing files, very long wait time while accessing files, files/folders whose contents appear to be strangely scrambled and reoccurring error messages while moving/copying/deleting/creating files.   A telltale sign is any loud, irregular, clicking, or grinding sound which is emitted from the drive.

Pre-Tech provides this type of technology assessment as part of our Managed Services protection.  We take the time to evaluate your entire system and provide you with the direction you need to avoid downtime and loss of data.  For an affordable, fixed, monthly rate you will never have to worry about identifying when an upgrade is needed.  We do it for you.