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Technology Acronyms

Date: January 11, 2012

Technology Acronyms Explained

Everyone is so busy today that abbreviations and acronyms seem to be the new way to communicate.  From your personal life [LOL, OMG, SYL] to business interactions [IT, MSP, CIO] who can keep up? 

If you are looking for descriptions of your personal life acronyms, we recommend tracking down your teenage family member or neighbor for assistance.  But, if you are looking to investigate the technology acronyms of today, Pre-Tech can help. 

Below is just a snapshot of the technology acronyms out there: 

IT = Information Technology

  • Wikipedia’s definition: a broad subject concerned with aspects of managing, editing and processing information
  • Pre-Tech’s definition:  your computers, laptops, tablets, networks, servers and everything in between


MSP = Managed Service Provider

  • Wikipedia’s definition: a business model for providing information-technology services
  • Pre-Tech’s definition: the most efficient and cost-effective process for supporting your IT


CIO = Chief Information Officer

  • Wikipedia’s definition: the head of information technology
  • Pre-Tech’s definition: when you are a client of Pre-Tech, our IT expert Ron Jones will provide you with risk and upgrade assessments as well as budget planning, design desk resources and technology consulting


If you find this list to be helpful or if there are more technology acronyms that you would like us to decode, contact Pre-Tech today:  (855) 600-TECH or