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Healthy Computer = Hearty Business

Date: May 21, 2012

Keep Your Computer Healthy

You depend on your computer for most of your business activities such as contact information for customers and vendors, scheduling, invoicing, communications, etc.  In order for your computer to run optimally, it is important to remember to keep it healthy. 

Here are some ideas for a routine computer check-up:

  • Ensure your backup is working properly and at frequent intervals
  • Check the date on your antivirus software to be sure you are still being protected and to plan for its renewal
  • Clean out old files and programs to free up some disk space
  • Run a disk check that will locate and repair any disk errors 


Just like we exercise to keep ourselves healthy, it is important to run some exercises on your computer to keep it healthy too.  This will be beneficial because it will keep everything running longer and prevent unnecessary “sick” days. 

As a client of Pre-Tech, you won’t have to worry about administering these check-ups because we provide this ongoing service for you.    For more information on how we can keep your computer healthy, please visit our website