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Mobile Malware Alert

Date: August 2, 2012

The desktop computer threats that we have been dealing with for years and years are now moving to the mobile devices.   This is due to the significant growth in mobile devices over the last few years.  Since the ways people are accustomed to using technology has always influenced and determined malware development, malware developers have been working to make mobile devices a viable entry point for malicious infections. 

The technical complexity of the malicious codes will vary and some may have a larger impact than others.  However, this is an ongoing threat and you must protect yourself. 

It is important to be cautious of what kind of information you store on mobile device.  Just as if it were to get lost or stolen, information theft from mobile devices would include the theft of information such as private photos, security passwords and personal contacts. 

It is also crucial to limit downloads.  Even some of the official manufacturers downloads include threats of malware.  Lastly, as with the desktop computer threats, you should always check with a trusted computer expert before opening anything that is out of the norm.