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How Many Times Can You Patch A Tire?

Date: November 25, 2013

You’re driving down the road and run over a nail.  You patch it up and get on your way again.  A couple of weeks later you run over a piece of broken glass, you take it to your mechanic and get it patched up.  Another week later your tire is running flat again…can you feel the frustration?  Unfortunately with cars, there is no proactive way to protect your tires from becoming flat because you cannot detect if there is a nail or piece of glass on the road before driving over it. 


Fortunately there are other aspects of your life that this type of frustration can be prevented.  For example, you can be proactive with your business’ computer support and alleviate the frustration and expenses of having the same or similar issues occurring over and over.  In addition, you can rest assured that your systems are being monitored for potential disasters such as viruses, hackers, and backup failures. 


When you hire a Managed Service Provider such as Pre-Tech, you can stop worrying about your computers and systems.  We do that for you.  Our skilled professionals proactively monitor your systems to keep your business technology operating at its full potential.  So, stop patching the same tire and get a new one with our Managed Service program.  Let Pre-Tech manage your IT so You can manage your business.