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Watch for Windows 8

Date: October 9, 2012
Windows 8

Slated for general availability on October 26, 2012, Windows 8 will provide Windows users with updated features and a new look.  From its touch interface to its ability to connect you to your files, photos, social media and settings everywhere you can sign-on, Windows 8 is making an impression. 

Below is a list of updates:

  • New Start Screen to replace Start Menu
    • Displays “live” information from various apps and desktop programs
  • New Online Store – “Windows Store Apps”
    • Where you can purchase apps that will optimize the touch screen environments
  • Built-in Antivirus Program (Windows Defender)
  • Secure Boot Program for systems with UEFI firmware
    • Requires operating system to be digitally signed to protect from malware viruses
  • Microsoft Account (formerly known as Windows Live ID)
    • Allows you to log into Windows on any device while keeping your profile and settings synchronized with all devices running Windows 8
  • File Explorer (formerly known as Windows Explorer)
    • Provides more detailed statistics, ability to pause file transfers, improvements with copying files
  • New version of Internet Explorer
    • Internet Explorer 10
  • New Authentication Methods
    • Picture Password allows you to draw three gestures in different places on a picture
    • PIN Log in allows you to authenticate using a four digit pin
  • Hybrid Boot
    • Allows for faster startup times
  • Windows To Go
    • Allows for Windows 8 to boot and run from a USB device
  • Two New Recovery Functions
    • Refresh – restores files while keeping settings, files and apps
    • Reset – takes computer back to factory default condition
  • USB 3.0 is supported natively
  • New Lock Screen
    • Displays clock and notifications while computer is locked
  • Redesigned Task Manager
  • Xbox Live Integration
  • Storage Spaces
  • Family Safety