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February 22, 2013

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) seems to be becoming more popular now…but why?  If I can have IT support that I pay for only when I feel it is needed (i.e. Break/Fix), why should I commit to paying a monthly fee when I feel nothing needs fixing?  The answer may surprise you.

MSPs are actually more cost-effective than Break/Fix.  What?  How does that make sense?  First, let’s list what is different about MSP vs. Break/Fix:

These three important features are not included with a typical Break/Fix support relationship.  By being proactive, automated and your Virtual CIO, MSPs are able to reduce downtime and increase efficiency which is more cost-effective and lucrative for your business. 

With a Break/Fix support system, you are the CIO in your company and it is up to you to stay on top of your computers and systems.  This takes more time and effort than you realize and it is taking you away from your main goal…growing your business.  By changing your IT support from a Break/Fix relationship to a Managed Service Provider, you will be removing your IT investments from the “black hole” that they currently reside and you will gain substantial returns on them instead.

In addition to the stress free, cost-effective and proactive approach that MSPs offer, it is also easier to budget for your IT support since you are given a fixed rate.  No more guessing games and wondering how much will it be this time?  In the long run, it is has been proven that MSPs are more beneficial for the wealth of your business. 

Pre-Tech is a Managed Service Provider.  Our focus is to help you cope with today’s technology, manage your current investments and provide assistance in technology decisions that support your business.  Our goal is to get the most from your current systems while making the right technology decisions for your business needs. 

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