Printable Version - 5 Technology Mistakes Many Small Businesses Make

November 11, 2011

1. Assuming that the backup is functioning correctly

Backup should be tested every couple of months to ensure it is working.  It is much more costly to recover lost data.

2. Choosing cheap software or routers

Going cheap on software or routers ends up costing more in the end because as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”.  Most of the cheaper versions are made for personal use and not for businesses. 

3. Forgetting to maintain hardware, software and security

Servers and software require continual care so that they can perform at optimal levels. 

Hardware needs to be checked as well for damages or other issues. 

When it comes to security, it is absolutely necessary to have anti-virus and malware protection for the safety of all of your software and networks. 

By maintaining these items, you will be preventing major issues which can not only have large costs associated with them, but could put your business at risk.

4. Not having an IT Plan

IT requires planning and budgeting.  Mapping a technology path will impact your entire business.  Budgeting for software upgrades as well as budgeting for technical support needs to be completed at least once a year.  This will help prevent any unexpected IT related costs to arise.

5. Thinking that everything is OK just as it is

Having a friend, relative or neighbor responsible for your IT is not necessarily a bad move.  However, if they do not have the certification or credentials you could actually end up spending more money to fix mistakes that the under-qualified person has made. 

SOLUTION: Hire a Managed Service Provider

A Managed Service Provider will save you money by:

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