Printable Version - Have You Been Hacked?

June 25, 2013

When a computer virus infiltrates your IT network, it is not always obvious.  Has your computer or someone else’s computer been exhibiting strange behaviors or been operating more slowly than usual?  This could be a sign that your IT network has been compromised by a malicious application.  Whether an individual computer or the entire network has been hacked, the symptoms are usually the same.  So, what do you look for?


On individual computers:

On the entire IT network:


The best way to protect your business’s IT resources is to familiarize yourself, and all computer users, the symptoms of being hacked.  Encourage users to report any strange behaviors to your technical support department or company.  In order to limit your exposure to malicious software applications, be proactive and entrust a Managed Service Provider to oversee your IT network.  With a Managed Service Provider, there are numerous steps taken to protect against malicious applications.   To learn more about the proactive steps that can be taken, contact Pre-Tech today: (855) 600-TECH. 

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