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October 3, 2013

You’re all set.  You have your brother’s friend’s uncle looking out for your best interest with your business’ computer support and he charges you next to nothing.  We hear ya…friends with benefits can be a great thing, but only when your need is being satisfied. 


Does your brother’s friend’s uncle always respond to you quickly and effectively or is he doing “favor” after “favor” and you feel like you’re falling lower on his priority list? Is he proactively monitoring your systems and backups on a daily basis to ensure that there are no signs of risk?  Does he suggest better and more efficient software, hardware or processes that you could be utilizing?


Computer support is the lifeline of your business; it has to be your number one priority to keep everything running smoothly. 


So, if your brother’s friend’s uncle is doing all that for you and you feel confident that your computers and data are secure then you’ve got a sweet deal.  But, if that is not the case and you feel that the “favors” are becoming less frequent and the benefits are starting to dwindle, give us a call.  We’ll get your technology on track and help your business run more efficiently.  855-600-TECH

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