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November 28, 2012

Many businesses think that the cost of IT is what they pay to their IT vendor or their IT staff and basic capital expenses.  However, those costs do not include the other factors that are easily overlooked such as risk, productivity, hidden capital costs and more. 


There are two costs associated with the call for support.  The obvious cost, the cost of the IT vendor to answer the call and respond, is the bill that you pay.  However, the “hidden” cost is the downtime of your employee that is calling for IT support.  In most cases, it costs less to pay for IT support than it does to recover the loss of productivity of the affected employee. 


In addition, there are hidden costs of technology and how capital items are planned and maintained.  All of these costs vary with each business, but it has been proven that they can make up more than half of IT costs in small businesses. 


So…what is the solution?  MSPs can frame these costs in a different way.  Our proactive solutions and all-inclusive packages reduce your costs and minimize your downtime.  Don’t be fooled by the bill you pay to your IT vendor…let Pre-Tech help show you a different perspective on the real controllable costs of your IT. 

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