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January 21, 2013

Now that the holidays are behind us and business is getting back to normal, it is easier to focus on the new year that lies ahead.  The projects and goals that you set out to achieve are now within reach.  If you haven’t already, be sure to include a computer support analysis in those plans. 


Your computers and technology are only as good as you (or your computer support company) make them.  It is amazing how often the “heart” of organizations is overlooked...when in a moment everything could be lost if backups were not functioning properly. 


There is much more than checking backups though, so much more.  Checking security and receiving regular maintenance on your technology are just a couple of the other computer support functions that need constant attention.  Don’t wait for the moment when your organization is in trouble to analyze your computer support, do it now while everything is functioning and you have the time to find the best computer support company for your organization. 


If you already have a computer support company in place, have them run some reports for you on the status of your server(s), equipment and networks.  If you don’t have a computer support company or would like a second opinion, give Pre-Tech a call.  We take great pride in our service to keep your organization functioning successfully. 


Pre-Tech offers different plans of service to fit within your needs and budget.    We have friendly, professional employees that are experts in technology.  We also guarantee your satisfaction. 


For the Pre-Tech difference, contact Scott D’Ambrosio to set-up a meeting with one of our expert technicians.                                                                                                                                       

(855) 600-TECH

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