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  • May 12 2014
    It is no surprise that the advances in technology have had a direct impact on the workplace. The ability to work from home or anywhere has become second nature. The developments in the cloud and the introduction of bring-your-own-devices have reduced the need for workplaces to have a physical location. According to a 2012 survey by Ipsos, one in six employees globally now work remotely. Working remotely has a positive impact on employees and their work productivity. With the help of U... details
  • Mar 11 2014
    The extended support for Windows XP ends in less than one month on April 8, 2014. An unsupported version of Windows is viable to harmful viruses, spyware and other malicious software that can steal your information. To avoid this risk, install a more recent version of Windows. See table below for a list of the Windows versions available as well as their lifecycle information: Client operating systems Latest update or service pack End of mainst... details
  • Jan 6 2014
    There is no argument that e-mail is one of the most critical pieces of software in a corporate setting, requiring 99.9% uptime as well as contingency planning. Every day, the average corporate user sends and receives hundreds of e-mails and the numbers continue to increase. This continuously growing number could mean a large impact on your organization s regulatory compliance and security. Organizations not only need a system to store and manage these messages, which may contain sensitive and ... details
  • Nov 25 2013
    You re driving down the road and run over a nail. You patch it up and get on your way again. A couple of weeks later you run over a piece of broken glass, you take it to your mechanic and get it patched up. Another week later your tire is running flat again can you feel the frustration? Unfortunately with cars, there is no proactive way to protect your tires from becoming flat because you cannot detect if there is a nail or piece of glass on the road before driving over it. Fortunat... details
  • Oct 3 2013
    You re all set. You have your brother s friend s uncle looking out for your best interest with your business computer support and he charges you next to nothing. We hear ya friends with benefits can be a great thing, but only when your need is being satisfied. Does your brother s friend s uncle always respond to you quickly and effectively or is he doing favor after favor and you feel like you re falling lower on his priority list? Is he proactively monitoring your systems a... details
  • Aug 22 2013
    With IT support, it is all about finding the right fit. If you have a very small business that does not rely on computers for day-to-day functions, then you probably don t need proactive monitoring. However, if your business cannot function without your computers and all of the vital information that they contain, you should not be taking the risk with an IT provider that is reacting to problems instead of preventing them. Computers and technology are constantly changing, upgradi... details
  • Jun 25 2013
    When a computer virus infiltrates your IT network, it is not always obvious. Has your computer or someone else s computer been exhibiting strange behaviors or been operating more slowly than usual? This could be a sign that your IT network has been compromised by a malicious application. Whether an individual computer or the entire network has been hacked, the symptoms are usually the same. So, what do you look for? On individual computers: Unusual internet connectivity ... details
  • May 28 2013
    Starting on April 8, 2014 support for Windows XP will stop. So, what does that mean? An unsupported version of Windows will no longer receive security updates that can help protect your computer from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software, which can steal your personal information. In addition, you will no longer receive updates to install the latest software. If you have an unsupported version of Windows, it will still start up and run after April 8, 2014, but it... details
  • Mar 22 2013
    Are you so busy managing your technology that you feel you can t even take a vacation? Or is your internal computer tech planning to take a vacation and you don t have a back-up person or process in place? Pre-Tech can help! One of the many benefits of outsourcing computer support is it takes the stress away from you, the business owner. With Pre-Tech handling your computers and technology, you can focus on what you really want to your business. Pre-Tech is a reputable... details
  • Feb 22 2013
    The Managed Service Provider (MSP) seems to be becoming more popular now but why? If I can have IT support that I pay for only when I feel it is needed (i.e. Break/Fix), why should I commit to paying a monthly fee when I feel nothing needs fixing? The answer may surprise you. MSPs are actually more cost-effective than Break/Fix. What? How does that make sense? First, let s list what is different about MSP vs. Break/Fix: MSPs are proactive in identifying and remediating proble... details
  • Jan 21 2013
    Now that the holidays are behind us and business is getting back to normal, it is easier to focus on the new year that lies ahead. The projects and goals that you set out to achieve are now within reach. If you haven t already, be sure to include a computer support analysis in those plans. Your computers and technology are only as good as you (or your computer support company) make them. It is amazing how often the heart of organizations is overlooked...when in a moment everyt... details
  • Nov 28 2012
    Many businesses think that the cost of IT is what they pay to their IT vendor or their IT staff and basic capital expenses. However, those costs do not include the other factors that are easily overlooked such as risk, productivity, hidden capital costs and more. There are two costs associated with the call for support. The obvious cost, the cost of the IT vendor to answer the call and respond, is the bill that you pay. However, the hidden cost is the downtime of your employe... details
  • Oct 9 2012
    Slated for general availability on October 26, 2012, Windows 8 will provide Windows users with updated features and a new look. From its touch interface to its ability to connect you to your files, photos, social media and settings everywhere you can sign-on, Windows 8 is making an impression. Below is a list of updates: New Start Screen to replace Start Menu Displays live information from various apps and desktop programs New Online Store Window... details
  • Sep 11 2012
    We ve all been there. There is an e-mail in our inbox from a Facebook friend, yet it is full of weird links and strange comments. We look at it and think did my friend send me spam? Well, not exactly. Facebook recently experienced a misconfiguration and even though it is now fixed, the spammers can still use data that they previously obtained. The good news is that Facebook claims there was no leak of private information. Here is the statement from Facebook... details
  • Aug 2 2012
    The desktop computer threats that we have been dealing with for years and years are now moving to the mobile devices. This is due to the significant growth in mobile devices over the last few years. Since the ways people are accustomed to using technology has always influenced and determined malware development, malware developers have been working to make mobile devices a viable entry point for malicious infections. The technical complexity of the malicious codes will vary and ... details
  • Jun 21 2012
    We ve all been told at one point or another to make sure we are backing up our files. But, how many of us actually check to be sure it is being done? A famous award-winning computer animation studio, Pixar, was guilty of this oversight when they were in the midst of creating Toy Story 2. An employee accidentally hit the wrong key and the movie began disappearing right in front of their eyes. Check out this brief video to see for yourself. If you want to backup, but don t have the... details
  • May 21 2012
    Keep Your Computer Healthy You depend on your computer for most of your business activities such as contact information for customers and vendors, scheduling, invoicing, communications, etc. In order for your computer to run optimally, it is important to remember to keep it healthy. Here are some ideas for a routine computer check-up: Ensure your backup is working properly and at frequent intervals Check the date on your antivirus software to be sure you are stil... details
  • Apr 19 2012
    When a company is choosing which distribution operation to use for their cloud software app, there are two options: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) A Hosted Solution SaaS provides a software application that is located on a remote server via the Internet. A company rents this software by paying a periodic subscription fee. It is very common that the company will be sharing this SaaS application with multiple users, which is also known as a Mu... details
  • Mar 27 2012
  • Mar 13 2012
    Did you know that Managed Service Providers can create efficiency, increase profitability and encourage growth for your business? The way you manage the technology for your business is vital for its existence. We understand that it s hard to change computer support providers because your current person is a nice guy or your friend s sister. But, when the opportunity to make a positive impact on your entire business is available just for signing on the right MSP wouldn t you want to g... details
  • Jan 11 2012
    Technology Acronyms Explained Everyone is so busy today that abbreviations and acronyms seem to be the new way to communicate. From your personal life [LOL, OMG, SYL] to business interactions [IT, MSP, CIO] who can keep up? If you are looking for descriptions of your personal life acronyms, we recommend tracking down your teenage family member or neighbor for assistance. But, if you are looking to investigate the technology acronyms of today, Pre-Tech can help. Below is just... details
  • Nov 11 2011
    1. Assuming that the backup is functioning correctly Backup should be tested every couple of months to ensure it is working. It is much more costly to recover lost data. 2. Choosing cheap software or routers Going cheap on software or routers ends up costing more in the end because as the old saying goes you get what you pay for . Most of the cheaper versions are made for personal use and not for businesses. 3. Forgetting to maintain hardware, software and security Se... details
  • Oct 11 2011
    What is taking so long? Hurry up! Not again! Sound familiar? When your computer starts to fail, sometimes there are warning signs but not always. Here is a list of symptoms you can look for: How is your computer s performance? Does it become frozen frequently? Do you have frequent errors? How old is your computer? If your computer is 4+ years old, it is time to consider upgrading What operating system are you using? The latest vers... details
  • Sep 12 2011
    CIO or Virtual CIO? When it comes to managing your IT support, you need a qualified, reliable professional to control it all so that you can focus on your business. As a business owner, you have two choices when it comes to filling this role: You can hire a Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO) as an internal employee You can hire a Virtual Chief Information Technology Officer(Virtual CIO) through a Managed Service Provider(MSP) Hiring an internal employee to h... details
  • Aug 25 2011
    When it comes to IT support, you know you are not putting as much effort into it as you should be but when it comes to the idea of outsourcing your IT, you get overwhelmed by the process involved with finding the right fit. Before you begin any business development project, you must do your research to make sure you are making the right decision. We know that you are busy and may not have the time do the research, so we have done it for you. Below are tips to follow in order to o... details
  • Aug 11 2011
    With IT support, it is all about finding the right fit. If you have a very small business that does not rely on computers for day-to-day functions, then you probably don t need proactive monitoring. However, if your business cannot function without your computers and all of the vital information that they contain, you should not be taking the risk with an IT provider that is reacting to problems instead of preventing them. Computers and technology are constantly changing, upgrading and... details
  • Jun 29 2011
    A Chief Information Officer is responsible for all information technology and computer systems that support your business goals. Most businesses appoint trusted advisors for important business matters, such as a financial planner or CPA. Similarly, your business needs guidance on your organization's IT strategy and operations. Unless you have an in-house CIO expert to rely on, a Virtual CIO becomes your trusted IT business partner. A Virtual CIO is responsible for the followi... details
  • Jun 8 2011
    The Cloud is a term that is becoming increasingly popular in today s society and it is not referring to a fluffy white thing in the sky. The Cloud can be an overwhelming topic to process for busy business people who are not familiar with (or just don t have time) to pursue today s technology advancements. Here is a simple definition: The Cloud = The Internet Of course there is much more to it than just the Internet, but basically that is what The Cloud is referring to an I... details